Star Cross*d Part Two

Micheal stood over the small girl. He didn't know why she was stalking him. He didn't know what she wanted. All he knew was that she was crying, and he couldn't have that.

"Now, now... uh.... " He patted her shoulder woodenly.

"Tengai," she wiped her eyes.

"Yeah, uh, Tengai. Well, um, what did you want?" Mick shifted uncomfortably. "Besides welcoming me and all...."

She looked up at him with her huge eyes and blinked. "Just to talk...."

He frowned a little and turned away. His eyes swept over a small stone bench, framed by thick hanging ivy. "Have a seat?" She nodded a little, and sat down delicately. He unceremoniously plopped down next to her. "So what did you want to talk about?"

A pinkish blush spread across her face, and she looked down at her hands. Mick thought for a moment she hadn't heard him, but then she softly mumbled, "I don't know." She hiccuped slightly.

Then it occurred to him. She liked him. He couldn't imagine why, he'd done nothing to endear himself to her, but she did. He paused, unsure of his next action. He could just brush her off. Lord knows he'd done that plenty of times before, with girls much prettier than she. But.... she was friends with the future Queen and her court apparently. If he was nice to her, he could find out more about the mysterious women who shaped his life. If he could befriend her, he could use her connection to get some answers......

Yet, this wasn't the only thing in his mind. There was something else too. Something else he could not define that would not let him simply leave her.

This something else worried him.

He jumped up quickly. She gaped at him in complete surprise. He looked away and stuttered, "I'm sorry, I have to be somewhere, I forgot, I guess we can talk later, good-bye," and took off. He could very much feel her eyes on his back as he swiftly moved across the courtyard, but he couldn't look back.

Who was this girl to make him feel like this? What was wrong with him? He quickened his pace, and frowned deeply.


As the final bell rang, signaling the end of the day, students poured out of the front doors. Tengai fought the rush, struggling to put on her street shoes, hopping first on one foot then the other. She felt a steadying hand on her shoulder, and looked up to discover Haruka steadying her.

"Easy there, Carrot-top, you might hurt yourself."

Tengai smiled a thank you and hurriedly put on her other shoe.

"The others are waiting outside for you, Ten-chan," the tall blonde continued when Tengai had finished.

"Hai," stated Tengai. "Let's go to the meeting."

Apparently, some of the others had gotten tired of waiting for her, and so only three of the girls were waiting for her as she exited the high school. Usagi, Makoto, and Tskui sat in various states of boredom on the front steps. When she reached them, they all perked up.

"Yay!" chirped Usagi, "Now we can go to the arcade!"

Arm in arm, the five girls walked toward the arcade. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there was a scream coming from Jyuuban Park.

"Chikusho!" swore Makoto, producing her henshin pen.

"There goes the neighborhood!" stated Tskui cheerfully, pulling her henshin brooch from her book bag.

"Not agaiiiin," whined Usagi playfully, grasping the brooch always attached to her front bow.

Tengai sighed nervously as she willed her henshin pen to appear.

"Oh drats"

Haruka grabbed her pen out of thin air and winked at the others. She double checked to make sure the street was deserted and spoke. "Well, minna-san, let's transform shall we?"

They all nodded, and held their items of power to the sky.

"Jupiter Crystal Power"

"Uranus Star Power..."

"Pandora Orbital Power"

"Miranda Orbital Power"

"Eternal Moon Power (whatever she calls it ^__^;)"


And five confident senshi ran towards the park.

Near the lake, people were collapsed all around. There must have been a dozen or so, strewn about the park. All five girls looked about for the culprits, and they found them a few yard away in the shade of a huge oak tree, holding up a half conscious girl against the trunk with a black whip while violet swirls of her energy were being trapped in a crimson flask.

The sailor senshi ran up to the two villains for a closer look. They were tall, statuesque women. One had dark green hair the color of poison; so long it was on the ground for several feet. Her partner had hair the color of the night ocean, and it was as short as a boy's. They were very obviously twins. They turned in unison to meet the senshi, each with a mirror grin of disdain.

"So, the senshi have decided to show up after all, sister." The green haired one stated coldly.

"It certainly seems that way, doesn't it?" replied the blue-black vixen. "What do you propose we do about it?"

"Steal their energy as well?"

"Splendid idea, sis"

"Of course it isafter you"

The Poison haired vixen turned around, revealing a large S on her chest. As a large ball of energy gathered in her hand, she spoke.

"We are S and M, the twisted sisters of Darkness If our whips and chains don't frighten you, you have been misinformed."

With that, she let loose the enormous ball of black energy. It zeroed in on Eternal Sailor Moon, who dodged at the last second, singeing her wings in the process. The one called M teleported away, and only S remained. Not to be outdone by a common villain, Sailor Moon jumped right back up and began her speech.

"You can insult the fashion police with your ugly haircuts, and poor taste in clothes, but you cannot harm the innocent people of Tokyo with your antics Tsukini kawatte oshikyo!!" After her momentary pose, she nodded at Sailor Uranus, who powered up her attack.

"World SHAKING!"

A golden ball of light sped toward S, engulfing her with the tremors of the earth. When the shaking ceased, the woman still stood. Not a strand of hair out of place. In answer, another black ball sped towards Uranus, knocking her off her feet and into a nearby tree. Uranus no longer moved, unconscious. Sailor Pandora rushed to her aid, her hands glowing silver upon the fallen senshi's body.

Next to try was Jupiter. She was incensed that her comrade had fallen, and with her temper blazing she ran up to the villain, fists flying into her martial arts moves, but every strike seemed to hit nothing but air. A high-pitched cackle could be heard from S, now hovering several feet above Jupiter's head.

"Did you think that would faze me?" she giggled, delighted.

"No," spat Jupiter angrily, "but this will!"

"Jupiter Oak EVOLUTION!"

As the tiny razor-sharp leaves raced toward her target, S didn't even bother moving. When the hurricane flew by, a very surprised S held her hand over her right arm. A little blood oozed between her clamped fingers.

"You stupid girl Now you shall pay for injuring me!" And without another word, the same black energy crashed Jupiter into another tree, unconscious.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Miranda stood alone as Pandora administered her aid. Eternal Sailor Moon huddled behind Miranda shaking.

"Miranda," she whispered, "We are soooo losing!"

"Quiet, Princess," stated the other senshi calmly, "We still have Sailor Pandora."

Just then, Pandora stood, physically drained and pale from her healing powers. A determined look overcame her face. And she stood. Looking S right in the eye.

"You have caused pain to innocents, you have caused pain to my friends, and fear in my leader. NO MORE!"

Sailor Pandora pulled the crescent moon hair combs out of her hair and they formed into 2 razor sharp fans. Her black hair flowed freely and her eyes went dark. The fans began to glow a pale red as she started to speak.

"Pandora Orbital SLICING!"

The two fans simultaneously flew toward their target with deadly accuracy. And as they hit home, a mild look of surprise entered S's eyes. But when the light faded, only another tiny rivulet of blood marred her other arm. The blast of energy sent in retribution knocked the black and red senshi into the lake itself.

"NO!" screamed Miranda fearfully. " 'Kui-chan!"

Eternal Sailor Moon looked on in shock, and began to power up her attack in fear.

"Starlight Honey-Moon"

Sailor Miranda reached toward Sailor moon, trying to hold her back, but it was too late the black ball of energy sent from S hit it's target, and Sailor Moon hit the ground hard, conscious but dazed, and mumbling things about mamo-chan.

Miranda couldn't take it anymore. Her comrades were fallen, and only she, coward that she was, was still upright and mobile. She crosses her hands before her face and threw them straight to her sides.

"Innocence BLOCK!" she screamed, and a green aura surrounded each of her fallen companions. They could no longer be hurt. She turned towards S, and powered up her next attack. A tear fell into her cupped hand.

"Melancholy KISS!"

As the shadow of herself kissed the green haired vixen, all the woman did was yawn once and laugh.

"Remind me to call you when I need a good night's rest, Miranda now you shall die."

All Sailor Miranda could do was stare as the ball of energy hurled towards her. Suddenly she heard a voice cry out, "Miranda Crest Cave!!!!" and saw S grab her chest painfully.

Tengai turned to see a dark haired boy standing in an attack pose. He was tall, and he had the symbol of Uranus on his golden headband....


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