Star Cross*d Part One

Micheal Ten'ou stood in front of the soul transfer portal Sailor Titan had created. He looked into it's depths and frowned. Suddenly he heard some commotion behind him.

"Look out!!! It's Crion!" Sailor Triton screamed.

Time seemed to slow for a moment, as Crion threw an energy blast straight at him. As he leaned back to avoid the attack, he felt himself falling backwards... back into the portal. The energy blast hit the portal and as he fell he heard his teammates screaming.

"Micheal!!!" He heard Sailor Europa shouting.

Then he thought he heard Sailor Titan, "With that blast hitting the portal.. it's hard to say where he will end up!"

And then it was black.


Micheal opened his eyes. He was dressed some sort of uniform, standing in front of what looked like a High School. He fingered the cloth gingerly. Suddenly the door burst open and students streamed out, trampling him. He sat up slowly, rubbing his sore side. A voice rang out, "Wai! Are you all right??" in Japanese.

He looked up to see four girls in school uniforms. He barely glanced at the three in the background, a redhead, a brunette and a raven-haired girl. The one who had spoken had matching buns on either side of her head, with long pigtails streaming down from them. Mick's eyes widened in shock. "COULD THAT BE.... THE QUEEN!?!" He started to get up, nodding slowly.

"Are you the new exchange student?" the brunette said, giving him her hand. Finally he got a good look at her. That half-smile, those rose earrings... "IT'S QUEEN JUPITER!" Queen Jupiter, the only mother who had ever loved him unconditionally. Even if she wasn't his own mother. Seeing her surprised him so much he missed her hand all together and fell back to the ground.

The girls giggled softly from behind their hands. He looked at the other two suspiciously. Of course, all Sailor Senshi have glamour spells placed on them when they transform, so their identities remain secret, but Mick was immune to them, all the Senshi in his generation were, due to a blessing from a wizened old woman who owed a debt to the Royal Families. Even, still he did not recognize these girls at all.

"Did you hurt yourself?" The future Queen of Jupiter asked. Micheal automatically bowed his head, from years of habit. She frowned a little and Mick composed himself.

"No, I seem to be fine. Sorry... uh... first day and all," he climbed to his feet and stood up straight, maybe too straight. "Uh... Thank you."

The future Neo-Queen Serenity cocked her head. "Dai jou bou! I'm Usagi, and this is Makoto," she gestured to Queen Jupiter, "and Tskui," the black haired one, "and Tengai," the small carrot top. This shocked Mick as well. THE QUEENS.... HAVE NAMES!?! this thought was completely foreign.

"I'm-" he started, and then saw his worse nightmare coming his way. His mother with her arm wrapped around that snobbish Queen of Neptune. His eyes darkened and he clenched his fists.

"Makoto's" voice brought him out of his stupor, "Are you all right?"

He looked back at her blankly. "I have to get out of here." He took off, into the school, hoping to just get away from that disgusting sight.

Behind him he heard his mother, Queen of Uranus say, "Who was that?"

And "Usagi" reply, "I'm not sure, but he sure wasn't happy to see you."

When he was out of sight, he found the nearest wall, and threw his fist into it, not caring about the pain.


In the silence of the hallway at Jyuuban High, Tengai walked slowly. Her thoughts were confused. She had felt a strange pull toward the brooding exchange student from that morning. A recognition... she peeked into several classrooms before finding the one he was in. Sitting in a corner in his dark brooding way. He must hate the class he was in. A sneak peek at the chalkboard read "Classical Lit."

With a giggle she walked on to the girl's room... In her head she began "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day..."

Later in the day, the red haired girl was eating lunch with the others, looking off into the distance, ignoring Usagi's run-away train eating habits, when Tskui nudged her elbow.

"Hey, Ten-chan, you still with us?" the black-haired girl asked. Melancholy violet eyes met dusty green ones in understanding. "You have a crush don't you?" Blushing furiously, Tengai went to deny it when eight pairs of ears perked up.

"A crush?" blurted Minako.

"Who is it?" daydreamed Makoto.

"Mppth is th?" stated Usagi around a mouthful of food.

"But you are too young!" teased Haruka.

"I bet it's a girl," said Michiuru gaily.

All the while Tengai's pale skin deepened to a dark crimson red.

And just then, the dark boy from before walked into the cafeteria, and Tengai was absolutely transfixed. Again, the flash of recognition flew through her mind... an almost physical sensation. Their eyes met for one second, and Tengai felt herself drowning in the brooding pools

The boy broke contact, an almost disgusted expression on his face. He continued on with his lunch towards the doors outside.

Tengai stood up abruptly, moving on impulse. On the way up, she accidentally bumped into Usagi, and the odango headed girl could be heard choking as she walked away towards the doors, towards him.

As she opened the doors, she was welcomed with the warm spring sunshine, and for a moment she merely stood, her face turned up toward the sun's gentle rays, eyes closed. She came back to herself when she felt a heated gaze burrowing into her back. It was the boy she had been following, and he didn't look too happy to see her there. Swallowing hard, the carrot-headed girl walked forward, arm extended.

"Hello," she began timidly, "My name is Tengai and--"

"Just WHAT is the reason you have been following me?" the boy interrupted. "First you stalk me to my Lit class, and now at lunch can I get no peace?"

Tengai's face went into several shades of red finally settling on a mottled pale pink. She was trying to stammer out an answer, and failing miserably. She twisted her fingers around each other fitfully. Inside it felt like something was breaking, and she couldn't hold back the little sniffle that escaped her tightly clamped lips, and after that, a little torrent of sobs. Soon she was collapsed on the ground balling her eyes out wretchedly.

"I-I was only t-trying to welcome you t-t-to Jyuuban H-high" she stammered through her tears.

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