Star Cross*d Part Three

Micheal had been walking in the park when the Demons attacked. He nimbly dodged through a current of people rushing away from the devistation. He took cover behind a large solid oak, and prepared to transform. Before he could though, five Sailor Suited Soliders appeared and started fighting the enemies.

Three of them he recognized, one was Neo-Queen Serenity, one was Queen Jupiter, and one was his own mother (much to his chagrin). The other two were a mystery to him. This was especially distressing since Sailor Europa had made all of her teammates memorize the face and name of every Senshi who had ever set foot on Earth, or any where in the System for that matter.

Suddenly, Sailor Titan's last words came back to him.

"With that blast hitting the portal.. it's hard to say where he will end up!"

Where. She had said where, not when. Could it be that he hadn't just time traveled, but rather had jumped to another dimension?

He looked up at the battleground, just in time to see a strange Senshi attack-

"Pandora Orbital SLICING!"

-"Sailor Pandora, maybe? That's a moon of Saturn....." he thought. He looked over at the redheaded Sailor Solider. A slow look of realization spread over his face. "Ten-Tengai?" She was left standing alone in front of the wicked S.

Mick bit down on his lip, and tasted blood in his mouth. He then transformed, and stood up. He crossed his arms tightly over his chest, and squeezed his eyes shut, focusing his energy. When it was finished building, he threw his arms down, and screamed, "MIRANDA CHEST CAVE!!!!"

S suddenly fell over and started writhing in pain, griping her breast. Mick half smiled cruelly, and walked over to the now perplexed scarlet-haired girl.

"Who are you?" she whimpered.

"I am the Senshi of a Cruel Heart, the Dark Son of Uranus, I am the Intelligent Sailor Miranda!!" He crossed his arms, and his Miranda Sphere floated near his hip.

"B--but, I'm Sailor Miranda!" she looked confused and scared.

Micheal tried to hide his surprise by letting an amused grin flicker on his lips. "You may be for this Dimension, Tengai, but where I'm from am I the true Senshi of Miranda."

"Dimension! What do you mean!?! Who ARE you!?!!!" demanded Sailor Jupiter, who was nearly back to full strength after Sailor "Pandora's" healing, and was hovering behind Tengai.

"Yeah! Explain yourself!" Sailor Uranus climbed to her feet, "And what are you doing here?"

Oh good, Micheal... piss off the two big ones. he thought. But still he couldn't resist smirking and answering, "I told you. I am Sailor Miranda."

The future Queen of Uranus leaned forward and made a fist. She ran forward and tried to hit him. He easily dodged, moving backward. Sailor Jupiter joined her, but neither one could seem to lay a hand (or foot) on him. After a moment they backed off, but he was up againist a wall, unable to go anywhere but through them. Now the blonde-haired Senshi power house gloated over him.

Sailor Moon, and her two companions had moved over to where Micheal was cornered. She scratched her head and looked at him. "What are you doing?"

Him immeadiatly bowed and lowered his head. "I'm sorry your magesty, I just wanted to help you and your attendants out." He gracefully knelt before her.

A slight blush crept across Usagi-chan's face, and she looked at her friends. "Uh... okay...."

Sailor Uranus threw her arms out and tightened her scowl. "He's just doing this to distract us! We still arent' getting any answers from this punk!" She pointed at him accusingly.

He sneered. "Just because you show no respect for your Queen, doesn't mean I can't."

"Hey, what are you talking about!?!" Sailor Jupiter shook her fist, "You're just mean!!!"

Micheal flinched, and sat back against the wall. "You have no idea how hurtful it is for me to hear you say that....." a melancholy look covered his face.

The Sailor Senshi exchanged lost looks. "Usagi leaned down next to him, "Please tell us where you are from..... "

Mick started at her. He really wanted to tell her. He really did. It was a heavy weight to hold, all alone. But.... it was taboo. It was against all of the rules of the Soul Transfer. He couldn't tell her.... He truly wished he could, her eyes were so kind.... "I'm from.... somewhere else."

Sailor Uranus lost it. She grabbed his collar and pulled him to her face. "That's not good enough! You haven't told us anything and you scared out friend!!!!" she looked back at Tengai, "See!?!! You made her cry!!!"

A red haze clouded Micheal's vision. Every lonely moment of his life flooded his brain... Watching his mother ignore him while she showered love and attention on others... Emptiness and pain turned to rage.... "This so JUST like you! YOU CARE ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE BEFORE YOUR OWN SON!!!!!" as soon as that choked scream left his throat, he got an "oops" look on his face and flushed crimson.

She dropped him like he'd burned her. "You.... You must be lying!"

Sailor Moon spoke up, "He did call himself the 'Dark Son' of Uranus...." they looked at Mick's gray blue hair.

He smiled sadly, "You guys are too literal minded, Usagi-sama," he picked himself up, "Life... isn't so great for me... that's why I'm called that."

The version of this mother in this world sat on the ground, oddly looking quite small. She looked at him with shame in her eyes. One word slipped past her lips, "Why?"

Micheal was again taken aback. This wasn't the same cold woman who refused him any of her love or her time.... His face softened, "Hey, don't worry about it, it's not really you anyway." He looked around the deserted park, "Perhaps we should de-transform, and find a seat.... this is a long story."

The defenders of the Earth looked at one another. He grinned at their indecision. "I'm the only one who has anything to lose by it... I already know who all of you are." 'Usagi' nodded and in just a few minutes all the girl were back in civilian form sitting around him.

"You guys ready?" he asked, and then concentrated. He felt his clothes melt away, back to the bland school uniform he'd been wearing. He opened his eyes, and was greeted by looks of utter shock on their faces. How amusing.

"Hey! You're that guy.... the new exchange student!" 'Makoto' pointed an accusing finger at him.

"Well not really, Makoto-sama, I'm just inhabiting the new exchange student's body," he could tell by the looks on their faces, that this was the wrong way to put it. "I mean, he's fine, I'm not permanently possessing him. It's called Soul Transfer. It's usually used as a method of time travel, but it's effective as a dimensional portal too."

They looked at him blankly.

"Uh.... As my teammates and I were about to use Soul Transfer to go to the past, we were attacked by an enemy. I was knocked into the portal as a blast on energy hit it too. So I ended up in the wrong place."

"Isn't this the past?" 'Usagi' looked wide-eyed.

Mick had to smile at that. "Well technically, since the year I'm from is 3018, but this is a different dimension, so.... " he noticed that the women surrounding him still looked completely lost. "Basically, I'm from a future, but not your future."

"This may be an.... " Pandora blushes a little, "Awkward.. question... but, what about your father?"

Mick's face turned a little white, "uh.. um... I was not born of a father..."

Everyone got confused look on their faces, but 'Usagi' perked up, "Your dad was a Sperm Donor!?!"

Five sets of eyes went wide at that comment, and then 'Makoto' sweatdropped, "You're so blunt, Usagi-chan......"

"I hate to interrupt," said the proud Solider of Uranus, "But our friends are waiting for us, perhaps we should go....."

Micheal nodded shortly. As they headed off, he wasn't sure where they were going, but they were going north, he noticed the small redhead, who hadn't said anything in quite a while. He caught her eye and smiled at her. She timidly returned it, and he couldn't help but think, "She's kind of cute....."

Tskui, Usagi, Haruka, and Makoto huddled together in a clump, walking and talking rapidly toward the Crown Arcade. Mick hung back, watching the girls share such comraderie with eachother. Tengai fell into step next to him.

"It can get kind of intimidating sometimes, huh?" she whispered conspiratorily to Mick. The bemused tone of her voice caused Mick to look at her sideways.

"Why aren't you with them?" He asked quietly. Tengai laughed.

"As if I could speak Japanese that rapidly!!"

Mick couldn't help but grin at that wry comment. By this time, the others were far ahead. Tengai grinned at him, then poked him in the belly. Mick glared. In the awkward silence that followed, a loud grumble emanated from the vicinity of Tengai's stomach. She colored from the bottom of her neck to the top of her head, slapping a hand over her tummy.

"I didn't do it!" she exclaimed.

Mick looked at her dead pan. An uncomfortable silence stretched for one.. two seconds.

"Ok, so maybe I did I can't help it, fighting makes me hungry." she said all in a rush.

Micheal laughed to himself.

"Let's go get some food," he said. "They have McDonald's in Japan yet?"

As the walked farther away from the other senshi, Tengai felt a warm glow engulf her body. A half smile played on her face as she walked beside the tall son of Uranus. It had not occurred to her to be cautious of her feelings around him, and her personality was totally without guile. So she took a deep breath and stopped walking.

"Micheal," she began, "I-"

Mick interrupted her there.

"So why are you called Sailor Miranda?" he asked without preamble.

"-like y--- huh? Oh!" she stammered. "Heh.. can we get some food first?" Her stomach spoke again more subtly this time. She pointed at the doors to the Golden Arches and walked through.

The room was empty save for a few glassy-eyed cashiers when the two walked to a window seat a few minutes later with their trays. Mick's tray was laden with 2 Bigmacs and a Super-sized fry. Contrastively, Tengai's tray had bowl of broccoli soup, a cup of tea and a chocolate chip cookie.

When they sat down in the booth across from each other, Mick's stomach took a turn in the conversation, and Tenagi couldn't resist a jab.

"Look who's talking now!" she giggled.

Mick's cheeks colored slightly as he hastily unwrapped the first Big Mac and took a bite.

"Now," Tengai began softly, "to answer your question, I am the Soldier of the orbital satelite of Uranus, Miranda."

"Mpf?" replied Mick.

Tengai laughed and took a spoonful of soup.

"Here's the Reader's Digest version," she began, "In the Silver Millenium, Miranda's ruler, the King of Miranda, was Uranus's adopted brother. I was born on the wrong side of the blanket from an unknown mother so to get rid of me, my father sent me to the Moon Kingdom with the "Queens" as you call themto be trained as a senshi and here I am, 1000 years later, reborn. Not the most exciting story.. 'Kui-chan's is much more interesting."

Mick's burger was supsended halfway from the tray to his mouth. He had forgotten to even swallow the first bite. He gulped.

"That wasn't what I expected," he thought to himself.

"So, what about you?" the orange haired girl asked sweetly.

"Hoo boy," he sighed. "Here we go"

Mick looked at her for a moment or two before speaking.

"Well, sometime around the year 2900, the Nega-Moon family attacked the Silver Millennium. After that, the people were awoken, and stayed that way. Queen Serenity feared there would be more contact from alien races, and one of these encounters would leave the blossoming colonies on the other planets without a ruler if one of the Senshi died or was incapacitated in such conflicts, so she decreed that the Princesses of the other planets should have an heir." He chewed his burger slowly, an almost bitter look on his face. "That's when they became Queens. My mother, is of course Queen Uranus. The one you call Tenn'oh Haruka. When each of we heirs turned 13, we became Senshi."

Tengai smiled, and reached over to squeeze his hand warmly.

"I guess neither of us have such an easy time being senshi, huh?" she asked.

.Mick tilted his head a little and returned her smile.

"No," he said, "we don't do we?"

Silence reigned in the restaurant while Tengai got a curious flush to her cheeks. She hadn't released his hand, and Mick wasn't exactly yanking it away either. They just sat there, the two senshi of Miranda. Brown eyes to blue.

A fluttery feeling began in Tengai's chest, and spread throughout her body. Unconsciously, she leaned forward, across the cheesy plastic table. Mick could feel her breath on his face. They were only a few inches apart. Tengai's eyes burned into Mick's.

"Mick?" asked the girl in a whisper.


"Could I kiss you?"

Mick leaned in even closer in answer. As their lips brushed softly, a scream came from outside


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