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About Pandora's Box
For those of you here who are confused about this site, Pandora, her senshi, and the fanfic series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon M: Saga of the Moon Senshi, are all fictional, made up characters, with absolutely nothing to do with the actual 5 seasons.

That out of the way, thanks for visiting Pandora's Box. This is the home of my otaku senshi.

Pandora's Box was founded on January13th, 2000. Initially there was only Sailor Pandora in the picture. It was a sad, sad begining, long before I had a scanner to scan in my own artwork. This is when I fell to coloring book edits.

The Fanfiction is currently in it's first arc, revolving around the Moon Senshi team leader, (obviously) Pandora. It is under rennovation, so please bear with any mistakes in spelling and grammar, and awful plot development.. better stuff is on the way. (half -assed episodes are no longer acceptable for me, I KNOW I can do better)

Thanks for your visit, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me, or use the quick form, in the Contact me section.