Rant #1: Watching it Die...
Everyone would agree I have been around for a very long time. My presence on the Internet, and in this fandom community, has been long standing. I have watched some of the people here practically grow up. It has been a great platform for me to make the good friends I have today, and an excellent forum to pour out all the extra creativity I have. Otaku senshi have been a hobby of mine for as many years as I have seen Sailor Moon. And now I look round me, and it makes me so sad to see what we are doing to ourselves.

It’s like a bad episode of a high school soap opera. People stealing from each other, talking behind each other’s backs, sniping and bitching, holding grudges. Personal attacks and pity clubs. It’s all bullshit. What the hell happened to just getting along?

We are strangling our own fandom to death!

I have considered leaving the community, because I have grown up, my interests have changed, and I don’t like how things are heading. I am 20 years old, and left behind all of the stupidity that secondary school kids stoop to years ago. But I won’t, because, Damnit, I saw it in it’s beginnings and I’ll watch it end. At this rate it can’t take too long.

Stop being paranoid. Not everything said about your characters or your story is meant to make you cry! Criticism, true, constructive criticism is something a real artist or writer seeks. They don’t turn around once they get what they ask for and tell all their friends what a jerk the person who commented on their work was. Comments, critiques and help are what this community should focus on. Stop your bitching and get the hell over your egos.

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