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Name: Lori  Elaine Collins
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown, It's longish, and I dye it different shades of brown and red from time to time... If it bugs me I'll pull it back in pigtails, otherwise, down... and I have the bad habit of keeping a pencil behind me ear.
Birthday: 12/01/1982
Age: 21
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Currently resides in: Seattle, Washington
Favorite Food: Peppermint Ice ceam
Least Favorite Food: anything with onions
Favorite School Subject: ENGLISH!!!!
Least Favorite School Subject: MATH!!!!
Strengths: intelligent, faithfull, loving
Weaknesses: Math, I have a stubborn streak, and can be snappy
Hobbies: Writing stories, drawing, Japanese class, Sign language class, making sushi
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