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By Des-chan (W) (E)
Mick and Tengai
Sailor Pandora

By Tiffany  (W) (E)
Sailor Pandora
Sailor Miranda
Sailor Charon
Sailor Neriede
NEW! Inzenko

By Psyche (W) (E)
Sailor Miranda
Sailor Nereide
Sailor Charon
Shinseino Tskui
Sailor Pandora

By K-chan (W) (E)
Sailor Miranda
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By  Kat  (E)
Sailor Pandora

By Sailor Angel (W) (E)
All four girls in swimsuits
Pandora Attacking

By Sakura (W) (E)
A cubist Pandora

By Kriz (W) (E)
New! Doll of Pandora
New! Doll of Charon
New! Doll of Miranda
New! Doll of Nereide