, Pandora's Box, and all content and characters contained therein are Copyright © 2000 -2004 by Lori Collins/Phillips. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction will result in legal action.
Any art not created by Lori Collins/Phillips is copyrighted © to their respective owners.

Sailor Moon is copyright © 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha/TOEI Animation. English Language Adaptation © 1995 DiC Entertainment.

Art and stories containing Sailor Moon ideas but not appearing in the actual series/manga are considered derivative works and are copyright the artist as so stated in the Berne Convention.
Below are thumbnails of my artwork. They will open in a new window.
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My Artwork
5000 Hits kiriban. Created: 2001
10000 hits kiriban featuring manga-ized Tskui. Created 2003
Shirtless Aidan. Created: 2003
Fuck You layout Image. Dedicated to Bob. Created 2003.
Princess Hecate/Tengai lineart. Created: 2003
Pandora henshi concept. Created: 2003
Tengai's forms, made for layout. Created: 2003.
Mick and Tengai. Created: 2002
Pandora CCG Original image created: 2001
Starcross*d Teaser Image. Created: 2001
Manga idea frame. Created: 2001
Tskui and Adain hugging. Created: 2001
Star Cross*d Illustration. Created: 2001
Grayscale Sailor Pandora. Created: 2002
Teaser image for In Saturn's Shadow. Created: 2003.
Tskui crazy, ISS teaser. Created: 2003.