Silver Millennium Time Line

-1005 years ago-
oPrincess Innana of Pandora is born.
oPrincess Mab of Neriede is born.

-1004 years ago-
oPriestess Hecate of Miranda is born.
oPrincess Isis of Charon is born.

-1000 Years Ago –
oPrincess Serenity is born; her father is unknown
oThe Cauldron speaks of prophecy and the Second Ending
oThe Princess’ protectors are decreed; the first-born females of the royal family on Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are awarded the privilege and begin training as soon as they can walk.
oTeenaged Princesses of Neptune and Uranus complete training and go to their outposts to defend from outside threats.
oPluto is deployed to the Gates of Time

- 999 years ago-
oPrincess of Saturn is born.

-989 years ago-
oPrincess Saturn is tapped as the final member of the outer team; Innana is devastated.

-986 years ago-
oPrincess Innana falls in love with the stable boy, Aidan.
oPriestess Hecate foretells four more senshi for this solar system shall appear
oInnana marries in secret.

-985 years ago-
oInnana becomes pregnant, and then later loses the baby.
oAidan is killed by one of the diseases sweeping the outer four- one of three harbingers of the Second Ending

- 984 years ago -
oPrincess Serenity Turns 16
oThe Prince of Earth, Endymion and the Princess begin their ill-fated love affair; the second harbinger of the Second Ending

- 983 years ago -
oPrincess Innana begs to enter the ranks of the senshi; after 2 months she is granted examinations. She undergoes emotional and physical tests and stresses. Her physical chemistry is altered to accept greater power than her planetary body can alter and channel. Her blood was chosen, for her strength of spirit. It’s a semi- successful experiment. The Suichou (liquid crystal) taps into her life force and works off that. This causes pain during henshin and attack, and thusly shortens total time able to remain in uniform. Her original slotting in the outer senshi fails. It is determined after four moon senshi were accepted that there were to be no more.
oSailor Pandora, Sailor Miranda, Sailor Charon, and Sailor Neriede are created. Each senshi had a fault in her powers and were relieved from duty the same year, save Miranda, who was allowed to remain as an advisor to the arcane.

-982 years ago-
oThe rioting on Earth begins; the third harbinger
oMetallia begins attacking the outer solar system

-981 years ago; New Years Eve-
oEndymion shields Serenity from the mobs led by Beryl, Serenity kills herself after seeing him die.

-New Years Day, 980 years ago-
oMetallia attacks the Moon, the Silver Millennium falls
oIt is the Second Ending