Senshi Interactions:
Their personalities, and how the girls get along together...
**Contains Spoilers**

| Pandora | Miranda |

Shinseino Tskui / Sailor Pandora:

Usually a quiet, soft-spoken girl, Tskui cares deeply about whatever friends she makes. This same quiet quality insures that the friends she makes are few and far between. She is, after all, the Solitary Senshi. She is also very sensitive to teasing, and so she has a problem sometimes taking a joke. Serious. intelligent, and fragile make her one who people wish to protect and take care of, but she is the one who protects her friends from harm.

Her Relationships:

Usagi/ Sailor Moon: These two get along just fine. Usagi's perkiness balances out Tskui's need to brood and be serious about her duties all the time. While they don't always get where the other is coming from, they still are good friends.

Chibi-Usa/ Sailor Chibi-moon: Chibi-usa is sweet and loving. Tskui is kind and giving. Together, they make a great team. Whenever Tskui is feeling down, Chibi-Usa will break out the Luna-P and give her sweets. Since Tskui can never have children (next season you'll hear more on this) she uses Chibi-Usa. She is The Tskuino's official baby sitter, so Ikuko-mama and Kenji-papa can have a night out while Usagi is on a date.

Ami/ Sailor Mercury: Ami is the first to meet Tskui (In English Language class), and Ami likes her at once. Ami especially values her as a study partner, for Tskui is the most serious person acedemically besides her. Ami introduces her to the BenkyouGako Cram school  in the Third Arc of the Season, Miranda's Arc.Their friendship hinges mainly on the acedemic side of life.

Rei/ Sailor Mars: Tskui really doesn't like Rei. The first time they meet, Rei makes her cry, and this leaves a distrustful feeling behind. (It wasn't Rei's fault however) Eventually things improve, but they are never really "chummy".

Makoto/ Sailor Jupiter: Mako-chan and Tskui have a base for their friendship. Both are orphans, Makoto from a plane crash, Tskui from a double homicide. They hit it right off, even though Makoto is contantly getting starry eyed around Aidan, Tskui's boyfriend. (But who can blame her? ^_^ ::drool::)

Minako/ Sailor Venus: They have a love/hate kind of relationship. Minako is perky and happy, but also ambitious, and those ambitions are spent going after Aidan. She is often the cause of many fights betweem A and T. As long as Minako-chan is not trying to get her hands on Aidan, Tskui and Minako get along well.

Hotaru/ Sailor Saturn: Obvious here folks. Hotaru and Tskui were cousins in the Silver Millenium. (they aren't in this life, however) And presently, The Tomoe's are Tskui's Host family in Japan. These two love eachother dearly, and Tskui would give her life for Hotaru. This is the one who Tskui ultimately trusts, and she loves her like a sister. Hotaru supports her and argues with her like one as well.

Haruka/ Sailor Uranus: Mistrustful as always, Haruka won't let the girl close to her, and tries to separate Hotaru and Usagi from Tskui. She gives no reason, and doesn't need one. She is mistrustful of one who wears a black and red fuku... for to her, those colors symbolize death and blood. Theses two are always on rocky ground until Pandora Saves the life of Saturn, and sacrifices her own.

Michiuru/ Sailor Neptune: They become friends when Tskui is looking for a violin teacher. Nobody in Tokyo was skilled enough to teach her until she found Michiuru. The never realy become "good" friends because of Haruka, but their love of music binds them together in a sort of comfortable comraderie.

Tengai/ Sailor Miranda: Tengai is awakened as a senshi by Tskui, and thusly, the two get along rather well. Tengai, age 15, looks up to the older girl, and Tskui feels she needs to protect the unjaded innocence that Tengai possesses. These two are very close.

Sugiko/ Sailor Charon: These girls are the best friends ever. Don't ask why. Sugiko is popular, vivacious, and slightly ditzy. All the boys (and a few girls) love her and want to date her. How the serious, slightly sad senshi of wind and rebirth comes to be such good friends with her is beyond all people's comprehension. But it works, ne?

Inzenko/ Sailor Neriede: The only one of the Moon senshi who really hate Tskui. Inzenko believes it should be HER who leads the Moons Senshi, and is just underhanded enough to get it done. Neriede is the Darkness of the group, as she is poisoned by something... (It's a secret) Watch to see how their relationship changes later.

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Kakaru Tengai/ Sailor Miranda

Tengai is a very sweet and kind individual. Her gentle nature makes Tengai an easy person to talk to, and no matter how dire the situation, she always has time for a friend. She is a person whom makes friends easily, and her "genki schoolgirl" attitude about life adds a lightheartedness to the world around her. She cries easily, but always for a good reason. Her friends regard her as the little sister they never had. Deep inside, she is unsure of herself, and she has a huge self-esteem shortage. But through everything, she has a spine of steel.

Her relationships:

Usagi/ Sailor Moon:
Genki, genki, genki! While Usagi is more highstrung and energetic than Tengai, these two never run out of people to perk up. Tengai's maternal nature reaches out to enfold Usagi in her times of difficulty. When Sailor Moon is forced to make a hard descision, tengai is always there to lend an ear or wipe a tear away.

Chibi-Usa/ Sailor Chibi-moon:
These two do not really see eye to eye. Chibi-Usa sees Tenagi as a person even more immature than her future mother. This is probably due to the closeness in age. (remember that at this point, Hotaru, Tengai and Chibi-Usa are all 15) The pink-odangoed horror has matured, and thinks maturity is in the seriousness, and has yet to learn that being an adult takes many things.

Ami/ Sailor Mercury:
Ami is Tengai's tutor. When Tengai first arrives in japan, she could barely read Hirigana, let alone pronounce anything in the Japanese language. Ami offered her help in that area, but Tengai is a slow learner. This is a cause of frustration for Ami at times. However, these two shy people really do get along rather well outside of academia, despite it all. And Tengai even teaches Ami a thing or two about human nature in the end.

Rei/ Sailor Mars:
Tengai is too much like Usagi for Rei to dislike her, but many of the pet peeves Rei has with Usagi get transfered to Tengai, which leads to hurt feelings on numerous occasions. Eventually Rei learns that Tengai is more sensitive than Usagi, and the situation improves considerably.

Makoto/ Sailor Jupiter:
When the maternal instincts of these two green girls combine, yummy things happen. Makoto is like an older sister to Ten-chan, making her feel at home in a country she doesn't belong in. It is Makoto that shows Tengai the ways to act ( and NOT to act ^^;;) in Japanese society. It is Makoto that patiently teaches her the proper responses for a tea ceremony etc.

Minako/ Sailor Venus:
If two girls had less in common, I would be surprised. Minako and Tengai are like ships that pass in the night... a cold, dark, 0 visibility night. It is as if these girls are from different planets, and they don't mind keeping it that way. This is not to say that they dislike one another, but they simply don't feel compelled to pursue a deeper friendship.

Hotaru/Sailor Saturn:
Take two, quiet, naturally meek girls and put them in a room together. Oberserve them for a few hours. At first, Hotaru and Tengai don't really know each other very well. It takes Tskui and a good dose of necessity to get the ball rolling. Eventually these two become good friends, despite Chibi-usa's apathy.

Haruka/ Sailor Uranus:
Tengai is vulnerable, innocent, and a pretty girl taboot. Not to mention the small fact that Uranus and Miranda share a common bond. What's not to love? Haruka makes a point out of protecting the diminuitve senshi of innocence from everyone, including herself.

Michiuru/ Sailor Neptune:
The elegant nature in Michiuru finds Tengai's kawaii quietness charming. Tengai loves Michiuru's paintings (and in fact bought one while she was in the States) Michiuru like to tease Tengai, especially about boys, and encourages Haruka to do the same.These two girls get along fine, even when their views on how to be a senshi clash. (which they do often)

Setsuna/ Sailor Pluto:
Tengai and Setsuna have never met in this lifetime.

Tskui/ Sailor Pandora:
Tengai looks up to Tskui more than anyone realizes. Tskui is older than Tengai, and is the one who awakened her memories as Sailor Miranda. Tskui is like the older sister one grows up trying to emulate. Tskui's instinct to protect those she loves may leave Tengai in the dark at times, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Sugiko/ Sailor Charon:
These girls have more pep than the Energizer Bunny. They bounce around all over the place. The girls are on the track team together, and their energy is contagious. They may not connect on a mental level with one another, but they both have basically good hearts, and like each other. When the cards are down, they are there for the duration.

Inzenko/ Sailor Neriede:
Inzenko is stuck up, snobby and cruel. Tengai is generous, soft hearted and kind. The only person able to provoke Tengai into an argument is Inzenko. And she does it intentionally. She is constantly tearing down the walls of Tengai's self esteem while Tskui, Haruka and the others rush to defend Tengai. When Sailor Neriede kills Pandora at the end of the Neriede Arc, Miranda commits an act of violence upon her.(which should give you a good idea of just how bad these two are together)

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