Shinseino Tskui:
This quiet, intelligent girl appears on the outside to be like any other teenager. Inside she bears the scars of a tragic past. She is Sailor Pandora, senshi of wind and rebirth. Her mission is to stop the Oni-Senshi from finding the one thing that could unravel the past, present and future into a handful of broken threads. Will she have what it takes to defend those she loves?

Kakaru Tengai:
Sweet, tender and honest, Tengai makes friends easily. She is the typical Genki schoolgirl, but will stand up for others when the chips are down. Yet when faced with her fateful task:, Tengai quails. She is Sailor Miranda, senshi of innocence. Will she have the will to face the days to come?

Yuushuuni Sugiko:
Sugiko is both vivacious and beautiful. Outwardly she can seem materialistic and ditsy, but beneath the skin beats a heart of steal. She is the senshi of timelessness, Sailor Charon. The polar opposite of her mentor, Sailor Pluto, her duty is to watch over the Earth, and aid her Princess. Is she up to the task?

Katakiuchi Inzenko:
Inzenko is a cruel but elegant girl. It seems that her one and only goal is to hurt those who would help her. She is the senshi of typhoons and hurricanes, the Soldier of Betrayal, Sailor Neirede. Will her cold heart be the senshi's undoing?


Tsukino Usagi: She is a year older, a year wiser... and still a crybaby. The now 17 year-old Usagi, while still maintaining her perky outlook on life, has begun taking on the characteristics of her future self: Neo-Queen Serenity. The battle with Galaxia has given her maturity. She is the pretty soldier of love and justice, Eternal Sailor Moon, and her mission is to defend her world. Can she work with the Moon Senshi to bring about peace again? Or will she be swallowed by the impending evil?

Mizuno Ami: With only two years of high school left, our favorite girl-genius is looking towards a bright future. The past year has brought Ami a more outgoing personality, and her empathy for those in need has come forward as well. She will make a wonderful doctor if she lives that long. She is the soldier of ice, Super Sailor Mercury. Will her genius be enough to protect the Earth?

Hino Rei: The world's prettiest pyro has changed little in the past year.  Still impetuous, careless and sweet, our Rei-chan is working very hard to become a Shinto priestess and honor the memory of her mother.  If anything, Rei is more driven for success, and this is transferred to her friends, causing a bit of friction in the group. She is the mysterious soldier of fire, Sailor Mars. Will her sixth sense lead the senshi to victory or defeat?

Kino Makoto: Tempestuous Mako-chan is driven to succeed as a chef.. and in love. In the past year, Makoto has started tutoring students in the art of Japanese homemaking in a night class. Still studying hard, she hopes to one day finally find the life she has always wanted. She is the senshi of thunder, Super Sailor Jupiter. Will her temper take her too far?

Aino Minako: Our flirty Minako has been very busy in the year of peace the girls have enjoyed. She has rejoined the volleyball team, and is looking forward to a full scholarship to Tokyo University, pending her exam scores  Her ditzy demeanor has mellowed into a young woman with a mission. She is the senshi of Metal and Love, Super Sailor Venus. Is she up to the new challenges ahead?


Aidan Phillips: A young man who loves Tskui. His convictions will be tested in the days to come.

Anna Nikolai: Tskui's flamboyant  best friend. Her desires may become a point of conflict.

Apollo: The brown guardian cat of Sailor Miranda. Apollo is not very serious, and his memories of the Silver Millenium are just as limited as the moon senshi's. He is more of a morale booster than a good trainer. Will this be enough to see them through?
Cast of Characters