Author's notes for "In Saturn's Shadow"
Written by: Lori Collins and Annie Jessan

Disclaimer-y Stuff: We do not own Sailor Moon. Rich, wonderfully awesome people who want to sell it to us for one dollar do, so don't sue us ;_;

Sailor Pandora/Shinseino Tskui and Sailor Miranda/Kakaru Tengai are copyrighted © Lori Collins

Orbital Angel Saturn/ Owarino Tsukai is copyright © Annie Jessan

All Rights Reserved.


The following story contains spoilers for 1) Saga of the Moon Senshi ( up to and including episode 25 (I know it isn't written yet, but I am a good planner!) and 2) The Orbital Angel Saga ( up to and including god knows how long.

If you wish to continue reading, do so knowing that certain spoiler may be contained herein. You enter of your own free will We are warning you damnit! Last chance

Other Notes...of ...note

In Saturn's Shadow takes place in the Moon Senshi Saga Universe. All characters contained therein follow this timeline. Please refer to notes of the Pandora Arc for further information on ages and occurrences of that time.

Spoiler warning. I am not telling you again!!!!!

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