Commission Rules

I have decided, being the poor college student that I am, to do commissions work. Most of you have seen my request work at Otaku Inclinations, and I will continue to do so, because the two will not conflict. Anyways, to the rules!

1- I cannot draw your character(s) as a sailor senshi as appearing in the series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. That would violate copyright laws and land me in some kind of Me vs. Naoko lawsuit. And yeah, I’d lose, not being the one owning Sailor Moon and all.

2- I draw what you want me to. I have no problems drawing sex scenes or death scenes, or anything else. You are paying for it. You get what you want.

3- You, as the owner of your characters, have the right to do whatever you want to to/with the picture after I have completed it. You can sell it or do anything else. I reserve the right to use the image in banners and buttons, and as examples on my site.

4- In ordering a commission, it does not bind me to do it. Until I accept payment, I reserve the right to back out at any time.

Prices listed below are flexible and may be lower or higher depending on the time and work involved. Official pricing is on a case-by-case basis. All prices are listed in US Dollars.

Ink Only [example] [example]
One character no background= $7
Two characters no back ground= $8
Each additional character=$2
Backgrounds= $5-10 depending on complexity

CG [example] [example] [example]
One character, no background=$8
Two Characters, no background= $10
Each additional character: $3
Backgrounds: random BG- $4, specific BG $7-13 depending on complexity

Colored Pencil or Pastel [example] [example] [example]
One character, no background=$10
Two Characters, no background= $12
Each additional character: $4
Backgrounds: random BG- $5, specific BG $8-12 depending on complexity

Other Mediums
(acrylic, oil, marker, watercolor)
Prices vary by medium.

All payments should be in a check or money order.

You send cash at your own risk.

You are responsible for the shipping costs. All hand colored and inked requests come on 11x14” 80 lb, acid free drawing paper. CGed pieces will be printed on a high-resolution printer in the appropriate size on photo quality paper. They will be signed and dated. I can ship them in either a poster tube or flat in a box. Insurance on all shipped pieces is one dollar. Shipping prices vary by location.

The Process
You fill out the form below with all the information DO NOT leave a field blank. I will e-mail a reply to the address you specify with a price quote. If this is acceptable to all parties I will draw a rough (pencil sketch) of your request and e-mail it to you. If it is all the way you want it, you will then send me the price of your piece and shipping/handling. Once your check clears, I will finish inking, and coloring if you requested it, and mail it off to you. It’s all very simple.

Happy Ordering!
Yes I want a Background.