Woah... we warned you, and now you pay the Price...

The Wall of Shame
Part of
Otaku Advisory!

Perpetrator # 1: This MSN Fangroup
Their Crime: Stealing images for Sakura's Senshi Circle; Stealing requested artwork from Otaku Inclinations; Stealing requested artwork from SoA at Tower of Time; Out and out ripping of Sailor Aether, owned by S-chan.
Contact information: princess_serena@comcast.net

Perpetrators # 2: These Two Homophobic Newbie Fangirls
Their Crime: Where do I begin? Stealing an image from Pandora's Box; Stealing and bastardizing information of Sailor Pandora from Pandora's Box... including the family name!!! Stealing character designs and ideas of Sailor Astera from Sakura's Senshi Circle; BADLY designing a webpage around them; Making them more Mary-Sue than they were already; BLASTING MIDIs and computer-freezing mousetails while doing it... omg the PAIN!
Secondary Crime: Sarah and I contacted these girls and the absolutely refuse to remove them.
Contact Information: amethist_and_ruby@hotmail.com;
   AIM: sailoramethist15